Day 2 | 11:50-12:20 | Gilman 223

Open-source: A Love / Hate Relationship

Full Featured (30 min.)
[open source]

Open source software is one of the biggest game-changers in our world. It has a lot of benefits, the most critical one being minimizing the time to market. But it’s not a free meal, and you should take care of many aspects when choosing one:

  • Bug fixes (“wait a minute, I need to know $lang?!”)
  • Security (“who the f*** gave full access to my credentials dir”)
  • Stability in different bad cases (“why did jobs execute dozens of times when workers lost connection”)

Those can catch you one day in a very unpleasant situation.

In this talk I will take you on a tour of some key indicators that you need to bear in mind when choosing an open-source library or component.