Day 1 | 14:50-15:20 | Gilman 144

UX/UI and the Trusting Brain

Full Featured (30 min.)

Ever wondered what's the biological difference between a short summer crush and a life-long romance? Or why we get tearful at our best friend's wedding?

And what does that have to do with how users fall in love with our product?

We often hear that we should "get users hooked" on our product. Asking them to love it can be much harder. In this talk, we'll show how the hormones and neurobiology of the brain can make us TRUST and LOVE a product with a meaningful relationship, rather than just get addicted to it. We'll learn how some of the best products in the world use our neurobiology to make us love them, and try to create a useful toolbox of knowledge we can use in our own applications.